Joseph ‘Rameau’ Poleon – Papa Kilte

Place of Birth: Belle Vue, Vieux Fort

Rameau Poleon is considered one of the most pre-eminent folk musicians in the country. Two-time Best Violinist winner, he is also a member of the Mount Gallion Folk Group.  He was cited by the Governor General of St Lucia in 2000 with a Saint Lucia Medal of Merit (Silver) for his meritorious contribution to Folk Arts.

Joseph Rameau Poleon is a musician and he is also called as Papa Kilte. He is a folk fiddler, his native place is Vieux fort, Saint Lucia. Twice he had won the best violinist award in the competition and received the medal of merit form the Saint Lucia governor in the year 2000.He is very much interested in playing the violin and started his career as a violinist. His father gave a lot of encouragement for him at the age of 15 and he was under the guidance of his uncle at that time.

Due to the Admiration of the public, he joined the folk group as a lead singer and also as a drummer. Folk music came into existence during the 20th century. The folk music is also called as world music and it can be given many names such as music with unknown composers, music which is transmitted orally, etc. He has attended the Caribbean festival and gone for the world tour widely in Europe and North America. The Caribbean region is found to be located in the Gulf of Mexico and the Northern Mainland which is present in the Caribbean plate. He made number of albums and became popular for the folk music. He recorded for the folkways record and completed five dance tunes and appeared as a lead violinist in the Caribbean island. You can check blog and know more details about this fiddler.

 ‘He remains the most eminent St Lucian violinist’ Jounen Kweyol 2000-20

The child of Jolliffe Joseph Poleon, a famed fortune/teller herbalist and Tina Poleon, Rameau Poleon started to play the violin under the tutelage of his uncle Flood Poleon at the age of 15.  His first public performance was at Laurenson’s Hall in Micoud which was met with critical acclaim, and he soon developed a following.  In 1979 he met with Eric Adley, cultural activist and musician and formed the Morne Gallian Quadrille Band. Together they performed at CARIFESTA 1981 in Barbados and travelled in Europe and North America & Caribbean.