Folk Research Centre (Plas Wichès Foklò)

Events and Activities for Creole Heritage Month 2011

Event Description
Launch of Creole Heritage Month   Creole Heritage Month will be launched along with the northern segment of the National Woulélaba Tournament in the northern village of Monchy on 25th September. Woulélaba teams from North St Lucia will compete against each other in the Northern Playoffs. Additionally, host communities (Laborie, Desruisseau, Dennery, Anse la Raye and Fond Assau) will get a promotional opportunity and an opportunity to raise funds in a mini Jounen Kweyol atmosphere. The launch will also feature exciting demonstrations and performances of local cultural traditions. A comprehensive programme of activities for the month of October at both the national and host community levels will be presented to the public during the launching.  
Konpétisyon Woulélaba   The National Woulélaba Competition captures the imagination of communities and creates a significant following of community teams through to the Finals. Woulélaba is an indigenous sport similar to cricket which brings together communities in a mixture of physical and folk culture.  
Cultural and Kwéyòl Literacy Programmes   The 2011 Cultural and Kwéyòl LiteracyProgrammes of the FRC will focus on the theme of “Coming home to ourselves: our cultural identity.” Facilitators will focus on specific and distinctive aspects of St. Lucian culture. The Kwéyòl Language, Kwéyòl narratives (folk tales), Kwéyòl music, Kwéyòl dances, Kwéyòl fashions will be presented alongside a general survey of St. Lucian history that is culturally focused. These programmes will comprise interactive presentations from which the participants will acquire cultural skills and knowledge, interact with several prominent cultural personalities, and be encouraged to continue their involvement in cultural activities. These experiences should help to instill in the participants a lifelong interest in, and appreciation of their rich cultural heritage. This year, there will be three components: kwéyòl language literacy, cultural literacy for students and cultural literacy for adults. There is potential for sponsors to create an impression among students, teachers and parents.  
Konpétisyon Lawenn/Jennès Kwéyòl   The Lawenn Kweyol Pageant will be held on Saturday, October 15th, 2011. Participants, all over 40, will be dressed in traditional costume and, through their presentations, reflect the values and traditions of their respective communities. The event is usually very well attended and, this year, will be held at the TiRocher Multi-Purpose Centre.   A Jennès Kwéyòl Pageant for secondary school students will be held on 24th  October 2011 at the National Cultural Centre.  
Tea party   The traditional tea party has developed over time into an affair of elegance. Thus, thoughts of tea parties are thoughts of the British gentry, scenes from Alice in Wonderland, Victorian decor, blue haired ladies and pinky fingers stuck up in the air. Yet, FRC hosts an annual tea party during Creole Heritage Month. Maybe it’s because “High” Tea was often enjoyed by the British working class as their evening supper, with heartier fare than the tea sandwiches and scones that are now associated with tea time. A Tea Party is now suitable for many celebrations including Marguerite celebrations. Thus, this year, FRC hosts the annual tea party on Sunday 16th October, the eve of Fet Magwit. Eats and drinks will be prepared before guests arrive and will be presented buffet style or by passing plates of goodies at the table. There will be entertainment, too: a Marguerite group will perform, there will be folk music and modeling.  
Art Exhibition   Gary Butte, Gregory Lord,  Raphael ‘Rinvelle’ Philip and Shirley Ann Edward, all prominent artists in their own right, will be the featured artists in this exhibition of paintings, craft and miniature fashion depicting a Creole theme during the 4th week of October.  
Book Publication and Launch   FRC publishes a festival booklet during Creole Heritage Month although there was no booklet for a few years. The booklet gives information about Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl and Jounen Kwéyòl; what they are and how they operate. A booklet is something that details the particular event. All the information related to the events are organised in this. All the details like time of the event, place of occurrence, type of the event and all other attributes are detailed here. One can get full information about the event from these booklets. It is said as the source of information. The tourists and even the strange people can get detailed information about the event from this booklet. It is designed in such a way that, it satisfies the reader’s interest and the wish to gather information. The purpose of the booklet is varied for different person depending upon the age group. It contains pages of advertisements as well as pages recognizing our folk icons and pages with greetings, announcements and schedules.  
Fèsten Listwa épi Kont   A festival of story-telling (Fèsten Kont épi Listwa) will be hosted in the north and south of the island in collaboration with Alliance Francaise of St Lucia. Story tellers from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti and St Lucia will put on show their common culture; a wide array of stories from both emerging and established story tellers. The project will reinforce cultural exchange in the Caribbean, consolidate the cultural industry in the region and will contribute to the preservation of St Lucia’s Creole culture which is being threatened by North American cultural forms. As such, it will help prevent a cultural rupture from Martinique and the French Antilles particularly as Martinique accounts for a considerable percentage of St Lucia’s commerce  
Evening of Kweyol Music, Poetry and Story Telling The Folk Research Centre, in association with the Alliance Francaise, presents an evening of Kwéyòl poetry and music on Wednesday October 26th at the Pyramid at Pointe Seraphine. A number of well known local and regional storytellers, poets and musicians will make presentations.
Kwéyòl Music Fiesta/ Fèsten Mizik Kwéyòl   A music fiesta featuring artistes from the Creolophone countries will be held on International Creole Day, October 28th, in collaboration with Alliance Francaise of St Lucia. This event will reinforce cultural exchange among the people of the Creolophone Caribbean. It will, as well, consolidate the cultural industry in the region and will contribute to the preservation of St Lucia’s Creole culture which is being threatened by North American cultural forms. As such, it will help prevent a cultural rupture from Martinique and the French Antilles particularly as Martinique accounts for a considerable percentage of St Lucia’s commerce.  
Jounen Kwéyòl   October 30th, 2011, Saint Lucia joins the rest of the Creole speaking world in celebration of Jounen Kwéyòl. This will be the 28th anniversary of this event. Through the coordination of FRC, several Communities become hosts for events within their community which recognize those who reflect the Folk spirit and also present the Folk Traditions. In addition, other organizations often hold events of their own and the schools and corporate bodies have lunches, wear Creole fashion, decorate their work places, and in many creative ways celebrate Saint Lucia’s Creole Heritage throughout the month. Virtually the entire island’s population is involved in some fashion with Jounen Kwéyòl.