Do you remember

Do you remember the last time you read a great magazine post or a book? Is your daily reading confined to posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook status updates or steps on a good food packaging? If you are part of the majority who lack the habit of perusing regularly, well you are missing out  on many great things. Reading accompanies a large amount of advantages. You can navigate to this website to find out the benefits.

Reduces stress.

Facing a lot of stress at your workplace or personal relationships? Need to handle lots of problems that takes place in your life on a daily basis? The remedy would be: taking some time to dive into a well written story. A great novel can take you to places and make you step into a different realm. Whereas an interesting article can attract you to stay in the present moment. This helps you to drain away the stress and tensions and make you relax in a carefree manner.

Stimulates mentally.

Researches have found that being stimulated mentally decreases the advancement of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is because maintaining the brain at an active state and keeping it engaged prevents you losing the memory power. Similar to the other muscles present in the body, the brain also needs exercises to stay fit and healthy. Playing logical game such as chess or solving puzzles have shown great result concerning cognitive stimulation.


Each time you spent for reading you get to fill your brain with a collection of fresh information. You wont know when it might turn to be helpful. The greater knowledge you possess, the more equipped you will be to handle any challenges that will come your way. Lastly, here’s the best advice! In case you find yourself in an extremely dire condition, remember you will lose things like money, possession, health or even your favorite job. However knowledge is an intangible asset that no one will be able to snatch it from you.

Boosts Memory power.

As you read through a book, you will come across a large number of characters, ambitions, background, nuances and history. You may also find many sub plots and arcs that weaves itself perfectly throughout the novel. However your brain has to recollect all these pieces. Your brain is a marvelous organ that can remember things easily. Every fresh memory you make forges new brain pathways and offers the existing ones the much needed strength. This is soo cool that it helps recall short memory loss and stabilizes the moods