Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is situated in the West Indies and it is called as the sovereign island country. The old name of this island is called lyonola and this is named by Amerindians. Later it is called as Hewanorra by native Caribs. It covers about 238 square miles land area. The population has been found to be 165,595 according to the report of 2010 census. The Islands first settler is French people. British thought to take the island under their control and they try these out by conducting war with the France for fourteen times.

The rule of the Saint Lucia changed often and it is ruled for seven times by France and seven times by British. Later in 1814, the island came to British control completely. Due to the switching of the island between French and British, it is also called as Helen of the West Indies .West Indies Federation was established and the island is a member of this federation. In 1972, the Saint Lucia got independent and became the member of the common wealth of nations. They follow the mixed jurisdiction, both the civil and English common law are followed in the legal system.

The island is mountainous and volcanic and found to be more height form the sea level. The landmark which is famous in the island is Pitons. It is the only famous island which contains the drive in volcano.teh forest area consists of about 77% of the land area. Castries is the capital of the island. More population is concentrated around the coastal region and in the interior, it is sparsely populated.

The island has the tropical temperature and it gets moderate trade winds in the summer season. The average daytime and night time temperature is found to be 30 °C and 24 °C respectively. The island is a developing nation and the economy of that nation depends upon the industries and agriculture. They made more development in the construction of roads, water supply, communications and more port facilities. This made the attraction of the foreigners to invest in the tourism and in the storage of petroleum and they transported it by ships.

The main source of the economy for Saint Lucia is the foreign business and their investment and banking and industries. The island is popular place for tourism due to its tropical weather and sceneries. The government taken the steps to reconstruct their economy by eliminating the price controls and they made the banana company as a private sector.